Early Bird Construction hatched in 2013 and has quickly grown to a crew of 15. We specialise in residential renovation and commercial fit-out.

Although the company is reasonably youthful, our superb team has a mountain of experience in the residential and fit out construction industry. Our team includes ex cabinet makers and awesome finishing hands so our eye for detail and finishing ability is second to none.

We can manage your project from your initial idea, assist you in getting a designer/architect on board, help you keep your budget under control, manage and deal with the subbies (plumbers, painters etc.), right through to getting your letter box in and getting the cleaners through.

Every job that we do has a project manager allocated to it. They will oversee all aspects of your project – progress and timing, budget, deal with council inspections, and most importantly let you know what’s happening!

We work with a trusted team of subcontractors who we have completed a heap of projects with. They know that we expect nothing but the best.
We have our built our reputation and business through referrals so every job is important to us as it is our name that you will pass on.

We find clients like it best when we can give them a preliminary budget before they go ahead with consent plans. Give us a call and we can talk about how this could work for you.

Our clients tell us its our communication and transparency that really make the difference for them.

  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Experience
  • Committed to excellent finishes
  • Communication
  • We can take care of all your building needs

Our Process

1. Initial Meeting

Meet the team and discuss your project.

2. Site Observation

Visit one or more of our previous jobs and clients to see if we're a good fit for you.

3. Project Plan

Discuss your specific needs and what you need us to do for you.

4. Designer

Select an architect / designer and turn your ideas into broad outline concept plans.

5. Preliminary Budget Estimate

Before we go too far we preview likely costs.

6. Selections

You choose fittings and finishes for your project.

7. Consenting

Prepare consent document and drawings and submit

8. Preparation of Home Improvement Plan

We present you with a HIP that includes a full description of all components in your project, including a schedule, our extensive guarantees and a clear of project price.

9. Build Agreement

10. Build Process

Our skilled project manager handles every aspect of your project from day one through to completion, including builders, subcontractors, consultants, council inspections and the required final code of compliance process.

11. Handover

12. Followup